The GreyLight Theatre

Since its inception in 1996, The Greylight Theatre has been committed to artistic and educational excellence in theatre. Whether it be new and innovative works, classics, or theatre for young audiences, the Greylight, in partnership with Grindlebone Arts, has brought theatre to adult and student audiences in three states to wide acclaim. We look forward to working with you to bring the joy and enlightenment of theatre to you and yours..

Touring Titles & Upcoming Events

The GreyLight will tour 2 great Commedias this spring : Flaminia's Wedding, a classic Commedia del’ Arte in full 16th Century dress and Ex Libris, a contemprary, interactive Commedia in modern dress. Whether the setting is an alleyway in old Italy or the library of a modern day city; GreyLight shows feature period costuming, timeless lessons, and enough irreverent modern wit to please children and parents alike.

* Flaminia's Wedding
Flaminia has a problem: her old fashioned father is dead set against such new fangled notions as women reading and writing. And worse yet, he's trying to marry her off to a disreputable, though rich, military man. Fortunately, Flaminia has an intellect that just won't quit. With the help of her servant, Bardalino, she devises a plan that will either derail the marriage or create her a fiancé she can live with. Based on one of Scala’s Commedia scenarios from 1600, Flaminia’s Wedding features period dress, masks, comic swordfights, and all the the irreverant wit that made the Commedia del Arte the dominant comic theatre of the west for four centuries. (K - 8 and gen. auds.)

*Ex Libris
(K - 8 and gen. auds.) A self-serving politician's attempt to balance a budget by closing a library plunges him into a fantasy world peopled by historical figures and the heroes and heroines of classic literature. Who will join Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Clemens on stage? You decide as the audience nominates their favorite fictional characters for cameos in this interactive play about libraries, literacy, the setting of priorities, and the flight of the imagination. Its also a great opportunity to work in current and future reading assignments or art experiences into a program before your students. (K-8 and all audiences)

The play ISN’T the Thing

or not the only thing, anyway. With the Greylight, the experience doesn’t just begin and end with the show. Long prior to performance, we provide educatiors and event organizers with age-appropriate educational materials, suggested exercises and lesson plans, informational links, graphics, and more to help prepare your audience, promote the event, and incorporate our shows into your lesson plan or event. After the performance, our actors make themselves available for a Q & A with students and audience menbers about the Commedia, the Theatre, and the process of getting work to the stage.

Workshops Available
In addition, we have a number of workshops on theatre, improvisation, and the Commedia del Arte available. One, three, five, and ten-day workshops are available for up to 50 partidipants at surprisingly low cost. You provide the place and the participants, we provide our qualified staff, all materials, the learning, and the fun.

The Bottom Line
Performance fees for GreyLight shows begin at a few hundred dollars for small scale presentations in schools or libraries. Block bookings and use of Arts and Education grants can significantly reduce your per show costs. We even have special party packages for private and corporate events. Call us, and let the merriment begin! 443 536-9513

The Greylight and Special Needs Kids

The Greylight has also developed a series of workshops for special needs students, especially those living with autism and Asperger's syndrome. Students are given the basics of the Commedia process, and then led through the production of their own play, encouraging cooperative working, emotional portrayal and understanding, and self worth.
In our workshops, students create their own Commedia scenario, design and build masks and costumes for the show, discuss character and motivation, and learn techniques of body language and vocal variety. Besides, its a lot of fun!

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