Special Needs Kids
(and aren't we all?)

A few years ago, as part of our work with the excellent folks at the Vanguard School in Valley Forge, PA, the Greylight began to develop a series of workshops and seminars for educators, parents, and  kids with special needs, particularly those on the autism spectrum and most particularly those living with Asperger's Sydrome.
 The theatre, it turns out, is just the thing for Asperger's kids, helping them to develop social skills, coping mechanisms, self esteem, and problem solving abilities, and it turns out, we were just the folks to do it.

Utilizing a masked form of largely improvised comedy called the Commedia Del Arte, we assisted students (with varying degrees of functional abilities) in creating their own performance; writing their own script, building props and costumes and masks, and finally performing the piece for an audience of families, staff, and educators.

The response we received was overwhelmingly positive, the students seeming to make great progress and having a lot of fun doing it.  We determined this was something that needed doing.
 Since then, we have developed a whole series of diagnostic exercises, class projects, mask workshops, performance classes, and parental and teaching workshops dealing specifically with challenges encountered by kids and parents living with the effects of autism/asperger's and drawing from Greylight director Don Elwell's years of classroom experience and the expertise of Psychologists working with the company.  We would be happy to bring this information to your school, homeschool group, or organization.  Interested? Please drop us a line at kids @ grindlebone.org and we'll be back to you with all the details.

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