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New Wild Shore Press Releases

Wild Shore Press is proud to announce Don Elwell's newest novel: "An Alien's Guide to Sears and Roebuck"  A Steampunk novel of interdimensional travel, interspecies romance, Teddy Roosevelt, and mail order shopping. . . .no, we're serious.  Check out the "Wild Shore Press" link to the left.

The Grindlebone Village Project Begins!

Okay, we're finally doing it.  For years, we've been talking about starting a community, a space for artists and actors, experimenters and mad scientiests, festivals and merriment.  We are finally beginning what will be a two year project to create a Grindlebone Village for the Arts.  Click on the link at left!!

Shantyboat "Floating Empire" completes her first year on the water.

Our Center for Bypassed Technologies demonstrator shantyboat "Floating Empire" is now completing her first summer, fall, and winter afloat.  Check out our saga of life on the water blending 18th, 19th and 21st century technologies by hitting the "Tales of the Floating Empire" link at left.

Got a theatre or other project for spring?  Drop us a line!

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